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    8 Common Dishwasher Problems

    The common dishwasher usually lasts between 7 to 12 years, with the median life span being nine to 10 years. Key factors, such as quality, brand, cost, care, maintenance and how much it’s been used, can shift the life span of a dishwasher.

    Dishwasher leaking

    Dishwasher Leaking Water

    Check these parts for a leak. First the water pump seal and or the water inlet valve.

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    Dishwasher not draining

    Dishwasher Not Draining

    One of the main reasons your dishwasher doesn't drain properly could be a block or clog in the drain path.

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    Broken dishwasher door

    Problems With The Door

    Two main things could be wrong with your dishwasher door. Either the door latch could be broken or or the dishwasher door is misaligned.

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    Dishwasher not starting

    Dishwasher Not Starting

    No power to the dishwasher? Check the fuse box and the outlet first. If that works it could be a bad thermal fuse causing the problem.

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    Dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly

    Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

    Try loading your dishes correctly and choosing the best cycle which provides better cleaning performance.

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    Dishwasher not filling up with water

    Not Filling Up With Water

    We recommend checking the water inlet valve and also check the float switch.

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